YUMU Music Learning at Home

St Peter’s are delighted to announce that we have an exciting new music resource called YUMU from Charanga, an interactive online space which allows our children to continue their music learning whilst at home!

The children in KS1 and KS2 will already be familiar with the fantastic Charanga resources used in Mr Balzarano’s lessons. Accessing the unit strands and attempting each unit task from the right hand list of your YUMU student home page is just a click away!

  1. Simply go to the YUMU login page found at https://charanga.com/yumu/login
  2. Type in the username and password you should now have received from your class teacher on your class page
  3. Remember to CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD once you have logged in

Now you can start working through the activities in the menu listed on the right hand side of your home page!

These activities follow on from the learning you have been doing in school. Every time you do a Music At Home session, work through some or all of the activities. Try doing these with people you live with.

Listen to a different Listen and Appraise song each time, starting with the main project song at the top of your list. Talk about the music using the questions as a guide.

Play the Games Track and find the pulse or copy the rhythms. Copy back the riffs. If you don’t have an instrument, sing the pitches back to ‘La’.

Listen to Sing the Song and then join in, a verse at a time. When you feel ready use the ‘backing only’ and be the singing stars!

Playing Your Instruments. If you have an instrument at home, now try playing along with the song. Pick the easy or medium part and join in when you can. If you do not have an instrument at home, download an app on a phone or a tablet (with your parents’ permission of course!) A great free app on the Apple Store is ‘Glockenspiel 3D’. Alternatively, you could get creative and perhaps make one out of bits and pieces you can find in the house!

Compose with the Song. To start, choose a five-note set and use the blocks to create your rhythm. Explore different ways of making bars with up to 4 beats in. Can you write them with musical notes on the rhythm stave? Change the pitch of the notes by moving them up and down and challenge yourself by trying to place the notes on the stave!

Perform the Song. Record your performance. Is there anything you could do better another time?

As a fun extension once you are finished and happy with the performance, can you make up your own dance video for this song? What makes you happy? Can you put this feeling into your dance moves?

The most important thing about using the YUMU resource is to have fun with it! Mr Balzarano will be able to add new activities as the weeks go on, and will also be able to monitor your progress as you make your way through the tasks.