Year Two


Welcome to Year 2’s class page

Year 2 | Our Lady and St Kenelm Catholic School

“Hi Year 2, myself, Miss Johnson and Mrs Yasmin are super excited to welcome you all back in September. We have been busy getting your new classroom ready for you. It’s lovely, bright and colourful and we really hope you like it! We have posted a few photographs so that you can have a sneaky peek!” – Miss Hilton 🙂

“As you can see your tables are in rows, which is super grown up, and it will help you to be able to see the board better. Don’t worry about where you will be sitting, we have stuck your names onto your table to help you when you first come in and we have made sure that you are close to your friends”.

“Our PSHE board is ready for our first transition lesson. We are going to be reading “The Dot” and creating some lovely artwork to go on the display board. We are so excited to see what you create.”

“Hopefully you should have all received a postcard from myself which was sent to you in the post! Keep a lookout for your postman as they will be arriving soon!”


September Attendance Challenge

When we return to school in September there will be prizes available for all children who attend school EVERYDAY!                  How exciting! So…….

If you attend everyday for the first week you will earn a certificate!

If you attend every day for the first full week (07/09 – 11/09) you will earn a book!

If you attend everyday for the WHOLE OF SEPTEMBER you will earn a special, secret afternoon treat!

And….. if our Year 2 class have the BEST attendance in the whole school, we will get an even longer, special afternoon treat!

So come on Year 2, lets make sure that we are at school EVERYDAY so that we can be the winners!


What will we be learning during Autumn Term 1?


When we are back together, our History topic will be all about Florence Nightingale. We will be learning all about her life and why Florence Nightingale is such a significant person. We will also be looking into the lives of Mary Seacole and Nellie Spindler.


In Science we will be learning all about ‘Animals including Humans’. We will be learning about animals and their offspring, creating lifecycles to see how animals and humans change as they grow. We will also we investigating how germs spread and we will be taking part in some interesting experiments.


In Art we are going to learning about colour in our Colour Chaos topic. We will be learning about some famous artists who love to use colour in their paintings. Do you recognise any of these famous paintings or artists?

We can’t wait to see you all in September! Have a lovely summer break!

End of  Year 2 Awards 2020

“Hi, Year 2, we have uploaded the video below to announce our end of Year 2 Awards. We have loved having you all in our class this year and we are super proud of every single one of you. Please also check your emails as there is something special that we have sent all of you.” – Miss Hilton 🙂

Weekly Home Learning Grids

Parent Pupil Letter

Home Learning Grid 13-07-20


Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check Sheet


The Runaway Iceberg

Antarctic Explorers What Would You Take

World Habitats

Researching Habitats Activity Sheet

School Memories


Home Learning Grid 06-07-20

Mat 3 – Grammar Recap

Spellings  Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check

Ronald the Rhino

Ronald the Rhino Reading

Save the Rhino Writing Template

RE The Good Samaritan

Geography Capitals Cities


Home Learning Grid 29-06-20

Big Write Postcard

Grammar Mat 2

Year 2 Spellings Look Say Cover Write Check

A Magical Muddle Story

A Magical Muddle Reading Comprehension

Spooky Setting Description

Geography Brasilia or London

Brasilia or London Fact Cards


Home Learning Grid 22-06-20

SPaG Mat 1

Spellings Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check Sheet

Spellings Word Search

Back to Earth with a Bump Story


Design a Planet Writing

Geography Journey Line & Aerial Viewpoints

Geography Journey Line Activity

Changing Shape Lesson

Science Changing Shape Activity


I am an Amazing Person PSHE


Home Learning Grid 15-06-20

Suffixes Powerpoint


ing and ed Spelling Activity Sheet

er and est Spelling Activity Sheet

English Changing-Verb-Tense-Quiz

The Bear who came to Babysit

Geography Ted Tours London 

John 69 Mindfulness Colouring Page


Home Learning Grid 07-06-20

Georgraphy The UK ppt

Activity Sheet The UK Atlas (choose 1 sheet)

Ice-cube Science-Experiment (additional)

Zacchaeus Bible Story

Zacchaeus Forgiveness Activity


Home Learning Grid 01-06-20

Geography Town and Country ppt

Activity Sheet Town and Country Venn Diagram

Science Material Hunt

Pentecost Reading Comprehension Activity

Pentecost Reading Comprehension Activity Questions


Home Learning Grid 18-05-20


Lesson Presentation Plants We Eat

Activity Sheet On the Farm

Talking-Mental-Health powerpoint for parents and children





Home Learning Grid 11-05-20

Florence Nightingale Fact Sheet

Florence Nightingale Reading Comprehension

Visiting a Place of Worship power-point

Visiting a Place of Worship worksheet

Newman P.E Point Challenge

Train like…


Letter to Children, Parents and Carers 4th May

Home Learning Grid 04-05-20

VE-Day Information KS1

Postcard-Writing-Template VE Day

Union Jack Flag


Letter to Children, Parents and Carers 27th April

Home Learning Grid 27-04-20


Letter to Children, Parents and Carers 20th April

Home Learning Grid 20-04-20


Easter Homework

PE Home Learning Letter

PE Home Learning


Letter to Children, Parents and Carers 30th March

Home Learning Grid 30-03-20


End of Y2 Expectations