Year Two

Welcome to Year 2’s class page

We aim to provide the children in Year 2, with an exciting and engaging curriculum with each term focused around a theme.

Remote Home Learning

Myself, Mrs Yasmin & Mrs Parton have all been so amazed with the progress you have been making in school. Unfortunately we are not able to continue our learning in the classroom  but we are going to try our very best by working online at home.

Below is the Teams timetable of this week’s online learning.

We will start learning together every morning at 9am. You will need to log on to Teams using your email address and password. You will also need your green text book and pencil so that you can record some of your work at home. You will find all this equipment in your red folder.

Above are the times that our Teams lessons are taking place. Your teachers are available from 9am – 3pm to help complete the activities following your lessons.

Home Reading Books

We will be using Oxford Owl ebooks for home reading whilst remote learning. Click on the links below to access this weeks reading book for your child. Make sure that you choose the correct colour book band (it will be the same colour as your child’s current home reading book) You may need to create your own login to access the site using your email address but this is free of charge.

Red Level – Jack

Yellow Level – The Toads in the Road

Blue Level – Painting the Loft

Green Level – Please Don’t Sneeze

Orange Level – The Frog Prince

Turquoise Level  – Our Class Tiger

Purple Level – Escape of the Giant Chicken

Gold Level – The Champions Cup

White Level – Eric’s Talking Ears

Lime Level – Brer Rabbit’s Trick-bag

You need to be reading a few pages of your ebook everyday. Once you have read you can ask a parent to sign your yellow diary. You will collect points for reading which will go towards a special prize once we return to school.

PSHE – Our Dream Bird Collage

On Friday we finished our Dreams and Goals puzzle by designing and drawing a dream bird for ‘A Garden of Dreams’.

Here is the collage of the dream birds we created.

Our Creative Curriculum

Autumn Term – Famous Florence

Spring Term – Super Safari

Summer Term – London’s Burning 

Below we will share information about our curriculum and class routines and provide resources for the children to use to enhance and further their learning at home.

End of Y2 Expectations

We will also share photographs of our work throughout the year for you to see! Here are a few sneaky pictures so that you can see what our lovely and colourful learning environment looks like.

Home Reading

Reading helps children with their knowledge, understanding and language. The children are taught to read in school however it is important that you encourage your child to read at home daily and listen to them read a couple of pages of their book every night.

Reading books will be changed every Monday or Tuesday and every Friday the children will choose a library book to read over the weekend.

  Parents  you must sign the yellow diaries so your children can be rewarded with a stamp for their efforts.

Beeches Infant School | Phonics Workshop.


Phonics Screening information can be found on the power-point below if you missed our Parent Team meeting on Monday 12th October.

Year 2 Phonics Parent Meeting

The children will be recapping all sounds from Phase 3 and Phase 5  following Letters and Sounds.

During Autumn 2 the children will take part the phonics screening test which they missed in Year 1 that  will assess their reading of the phonics sounds. Each child has been sent home with a pack of sounds (real and alien names) to practise at home.

You can also access some practise words here by clicking the documents below.

Phonics Practise Materials

phonics-screening-practice-words-list 1

phonics-screening-practice-words-list 2

To help your child at home you can access the Phonics Play website which has some brilliant games to play.


Each week children will receive 8 spellings from the Year 1&2 National Curriculum to practise in class and at home. They will also be tested on a further 2 random spellings from the weeks before.

Please help your child to practise their spellings as they will be tested each Monday.

As one of their weekly homework tasks we would like the children to practise their spellings by writing their words in sentences in their homework books.

In class we use the spelling shed app which the children really enjoy playing.

This can be downloaded (£2.99) from the App Store if you have access to an iPad at home.

It’s really easy to use. Children can play on the Year 1&2 spellings or you can input our weekly spellings into the Your Lists at the bottom of the main page!

What are we learning in Autumn Term 2?

Maths – We will be learning all fact families and identifying relationships between numbers. We will be recapping on number bonds to 10 and following patterns to work out number bonds to 100. We will be focusing on addition and subtraction and looking at the patterns when you add or subtract ones. We will then move on to learning about fractions. Understand what fractions of shapes look like and finding 1/2 and 1/4 of different shapes.

There are lots of great games that you can play to help practise your understanding of place value on Topmarks Maths.

Click on the links below to access the free maths games.

English – In English we will start with firework poetry and write our own sense poems based around bonfire night. We will then learn about instructions and write our own instructions for making a cup of tea and washing our hands using imperative verbs and adverbials of time. Our Narrative class text will be ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine ‘ by Roald Dahl. We will read the story and then write instructions for our own Marvellous Medicine using ideas from the main text.

You can listen to George’s Marvellous Medicine below.

Geography  – Our Geography topic will be all about Our Wonderful World . We will be learning about the seven continents and the five oceans and finding out about different countries in the continents.

Science – In Science we will be learning all about ‘Animals including Humans’. We will be learning about animals and their offspring, creating lifecycles to see how animals and humans change as they grow. We will also we investigating how germs spread and we will be taking part in some interesting experiments.

D&T– In D&T we are going to learning about different materials and how to join them together using sewing. We are going to design and create fabric faces.

Computing – In computing we are going to be game testers and will be predicting how to play games and then using the keyboard to play the game itself. We will also learn how to go inside the scratch programme to change the algorithms to fix the games or make the game easier.

Click on the links below to have a go at playing the games at home.

PSHE – We will be covering two puzzles this term, ‘Celebrating Differences’ & ‘Dreams & Goals’. In Celebrating Differences will be learning about how unique we are and celebrating all our differences. We will be understanding what bullying is and discussing why we think bullying happens. We will be learning more about how to prevent bullying and what to do if we were bullied during Anti-Bullying week.

PE – Our P.E this term will be lead by Mr Sigley and will be focused around improving our fitness. We will be playing lots of different games and improving our fitness at the same time.