Year Three

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Miss Johnson

AUTUMN 1st HALF – 2021 –

We have been busy learning in our classroom and Mrs Finney, Miss Johnson and Miss Yasmin are so happy with how well you have settled into a new Key stage. You are proving to be excellent role models. Here are a few pictures of our classroom environment –




AUTUMN 1st HALF – 2021

We are going to be Historians this half term and discover all about Stepping into the Stone Age.


We are going to start the year with poetry and build up our vocabulary by looking at a poem called ‘The Magic Box’.

For our topic based narrative we will explore a text called ‘The Stone Age Boy’.  We will look at the features of the text and learn new ways to make our writing exciting, and finally we will be authors and write our own alternative middle and ending to the story. We will also explore different fables.


We will develop our number skills, in place value and addition and subtraction, following the White Rose Maths. We will continue to learn our times tables and develop our fluency and reasoning skills.


We will learn how to be Historians and discover Stone Age to the Iron Age.  We will learn about the changes in Britain during the Stone Age to the Iron Age, look at chronology, entertainment, food and achievements during this time.


Our Science topic is Rocks and Soils, where we will practically handle rocks and make compost. We will sort and group a variety of rocks. We will learn the different types of rocks and discover how they are formed.

Design and Technology –

We will look at and design our own battery operated light. This will involve making our own circuit with a switch.

Please use these websites to help with your homework and work you would like to do at home –

Click on the links below to access the free maths games.

 If you take photographs of your work or you have completed something using the computer you can email it to us at We would love to see the things that you are doing!

We have access to Yumu to help with our musical journey. To access Yumu at home you need to login using your username and password.

Your child’s username is their first name and first letter of their surname followed by your class group (i.e. y3). Your password is music123. Once you have logged on you should change your password to your own private one. For example if your name is Fred Barker, your username would be fredby3. If you have any difficulties logging in please email

Here is some information about what your child will be learning and expected to learn in Year 3 –

End of Y3 Expectations