Year Three


“Here in Year Three we are always ready to learn new things!

In our happy, kind, and respectful environment, we are never bored and always have fun in all that we do.

We always look after our friends, and are part of a community that always cares!”

We live out our faith by our kind words and our actions.

-By the children in Year Three.

Below we will share information about our curriculum and fun learning moments within out class.

We will also share photographs of our work throughout the year for you to see!

Our star of the week in Year Three is…..


Well done, for having an excellent attitude to working in all subjects this week!


In a friendly competition to keep our Times Tables fresh in our minds, Year Three hosts Time Table Championship matches!

This Weeks championship holders have been…




Well done to you all!

Who will be our champions next week?


Our Creative Curriculum

Autumn Term – Stepping into the Stone Age

Spring Term – Ancient Egyptians

Summer Term – Extreme Earth

Although we encourage and teach reading at school, it is important that this is carried on at home to help improve your child’s knowledge and understanding.

Could parents please encourage reading daily and listen to them read at least couple of pages of their book each night.

Please sign the yellow reading diaries so that they can be rewarded for their extra effort!

During our Topic this term we will be researching and investigating the Ancient Egyptians, the process of mummification, and the discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamen!

We will even be designing and making our own Canopic Jars and death masks just like the famous one belonging to Tutankhamen himself.

Our current Science topic is the study of light and shadow which we will beginning in the second week of Term!

We are hoping to attend the science week presentations taking place at Alton Towers this year as part of our class trip.

Our science topic will be moving on to Forces, where better than Alton towers to learn about forces than by going to see some of the most unique set theme park rides in the world!