Year Six


We have so much to learn this half term and can’t wait to start are journey together.

In history we will be learning about the impact of World War 2 on the home front and the legacy it has left us with.



World War 2 is also a stimulus for our English lessons as we read Goodnight Mister Tom and use this as inspiration for our writing.


In maths, we will be focusing on place value and the four operation.

In Science, we will be investigating light and how it travels in straight lines. We will also be looking at the colours that make light.


We also Study the artist Lowry and will be creating our own art work in his style.



HOMEWORK – homework will be given out every Wednesday and due back in to school on Tuesday.   Spellings will also be given out on Thursday and tested the following week. Please ensure children are practising as often as possible at home. Children will also need to ensure they know the meaning of the spelling as they will be asked to use the word in a sentence. 

Reading – Children should be reading at home every night and their diary signed by a guardian. Please aim to read at least 5 pages each night to support children progressing through their reading levels. Children will also have a reading for pleasure book from the school library to enjoy at home.