Year One

Welcome to Year One’s class page

The Autumn Term: 2nd.

Week Commencing 6th December 2021  


  • Please continue to read four-five times a week with your child at home and sign their reading diaries.
  • Homework sent out Wednesday, to be returned Tuesday.
  • Spelling tests: Every Wednesday.
  • PE Kits: Every Monday, children are now to arrive at school in uniform and get changed in school.
  • Please scroll down for Phonics and Maths activities.


We have now begun Phase 5 phonics. You will have received this information with this week’s homework. It is a brand new phase for the children. Previously, we have been focusing on mastering Phase 2 and 3 which is familiar with the children from EYFS. It is so important that we provide the children with the best possible learning for this phase, and as always, I ask for your continued support at home. We will focus on one sound a week to really solidify this. This is so important to help children with their reading and writing in Year 1 and beyond. Can you notice the new digraphs and trigraphs in your reading books at home? In the shops? When you are out on a walk on street signs? You can help your children by continuing to use the correct vocabulary for phonics learning at home:

Phoneme– The sound of a letter. For example /k/.

Grapheme– The way we write the phoneme (sound). For example, /k/ can be written as c k ck qu ch.

Digraphs– Two graphemes that make one phoneme (sound).

Trigraphs– Three graphemes that make one phoneme (sound). 

This week’s sound is… (6/12/21)

‘ay and a_e’ 

Here are some videos to extend your learning at home:

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ay/ – YouTube

The AY Sound | Phase 5 | Phonics – YouTube

Phonics: The ‘ay’ spelling [FREE RESOURCE] – YouTube

Ai Ay Phonics Digraph Song – YouTube

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /a-e/ – YouTube

Phonics: The ‘a-e’ spelling [FREE RESOURCE] – YouTube

Phonics games to play at home:

Maths online games for Autumn 2

These games will help to consolidate your children’s learning for each week.

Week beginning: 8th November

Week beginning: 15th November

Week beginning: 22nd November (select numbers to 20)

Week beginning: 29th November (select words up to 15)

Week beginning: 6th December

Week beginning: 13th December (ask your child to represent different numbers up to 20 using the apparatus)

English Autumn 2

This term, our class text is ‘Old Bear’ by Jane Hissey and we will be learning and using new Year One writing skills to complete lots of fun work based on this story. These skills are: Writing instructions (recount), writing information texts, character descriptions and poetry. 

Maths Autumn 2 –

In Maths we will be following the White Rose Scheme and we will continue this term in Year 1 by reminding ourselves of addition and subtraction, shape and place value within 20. The children will be able to use our Maths area to consolidate this learning.

History Autumn 2:

This half term, our focus is History. We are exploring the topic: ‘Toys, Old and New’. We will learn key historical vocabulary: ‘old, new and a long time ago’. Can you talk to your children about what these mean? The children will look at the toys that their grandparents played with and be able to make comparisons with toys nowadays. We will look at artefacts and discuss how children’s lives today are different to children’s lives in the past.

Science Autumn 2 –

Our Science unit ‘Animals including Humans’ continues in Autumn 2. We will look at our amazing bodies and our 5 senses. What amazing things can you do? We will explore and classify different types of animals. Ask your child what an omnivore, herbivore and carnivore eats. Can they identify the unique body parts of different animals?

DT Autumn 2:

This half term, our focus is D&T. Our foci for this is ‘Lift the flaps/pop up cards’. Children will design purposeful, functional, appealing
products for themselves and families based on design criteria. I wonder what fantastic designs we will make…





End of Y1 Expectations