Year One

Welcome to Year One’s class page

Your new teachers are Mrs Finney, Miss Thurston and Mrs Wallace and we have been busy getting your classroom ready for you.

We have a fabulous new role play based on our class text Hansel and Gretel.

We all love to read, and just look at our amazing reading garden!!

In RE we begin the year with the Creation story and we learn how God made our beautiful world.

Numbers are all around us and you will love learning in our Maths area.

In Year 1 we are all authors and we will enjoy our magical writing area.

September Attendance Challenge

When we return to school in September there will be prizes available for all children who attend school EVERYDAY!                  How exciting! So…….

If you attend everyday for the first week you will earn a certificate!

If you attend every day for the first full week (07/09 – 11/09) you will earn a book!

If you attend everyday for the WHOLE OF SEPTEMBER you will earn a special, secret afternoon treat!

And….. if our Year 1 class have the BEST attendance in the whole school, we will get an even longer, special afternoon treat!

So come on Year 1, lets make sure that we are at school EVERYDAY so that we can be the winners!


What we will be learning in Autumn Term 1

In September we will be learning out about our local area in Geography, we are lucky to live in Cobridge and we will find out why. What do you see when you go on a walk near your house? Do you have lots of shops, a park and a dentist?

In Science we are finding out all about our bodies and our 5 senses. What amazing things can you do? Can you run, hop, skip or jump?

It will be a little different in September but do not worry, we will learn a lot, try hard and smile often!

Have a fun filled Summer ready to be back altogether in September – we can’t wait to see you.

End of Year 1 Awards 2020

Home Learning

This week in Year 1 we are looking at Maths lessons from the Oak National Academy. The website has a daily lesson and activity idea for you to use at home with your children. When loading the website scroll to the bottom to find the newer lessons. There are lots of lessons to choose from and if your child is struggling with a particular area they can repeat the lessons too.

This week in Year 1 we are using English lessons from the Oak National Academy. Please email us the activities that you complete because we love to see your work and to hear from you all. When loading the website scroll to the bottom to find the newer lessons. There are lots of lessons to choose from and if your child is struggling with a particular area they can repeat the lessons too.

There are also daily lessons and activities for Maths, English and Science on BBC Bitesize. Click on the link below and send me photos of what you have been doing –

In Year 1 our phonics lessons are from the website below. There are daily lessons available until July. You can use this website each day so that your child is having daily phonics. If there is a sound your child finds difficult you can revisit previous lessons to help them practice. After the lessons your children can attempt to write words with the sounds in and add these words to sentences.

Oxford Owl Home Reading Books

Parents will be sent the information on Friday 19th June about access to the Oxford Owl reading books.

You will need to set up an account on the website but this is free of charge.

Mrs Wilson will let you know the reading level of your child.

We hope you enjoy reading your new books and share them with your family, please answer the questions and activities when you have finished the book.

Below is a list of the book levels and the title of the book for your child to read this week –

Yellow – Spots

Orange – The Frog Prince

Green – A Monster Mistake

Blue – Goal!

Lilac – Dad’s Birthday

Red – Big Feet

Pink – Bog, Bad Bug

Turquoise – Rory’s Lost His Voice

If there are any issues or questions, please email us at

Have a go at some of these fun PE activities!

Year One PE

1st June

Monday 1st June maths

Tuesday 2nd June maths

Wednesday 3rd June maths

Thursday 4th June math

Friday 5th June maths

Don’t forget you can still contact us by email at


Your Weekly Home Learning Grid.

Home learning – 18 May

Home learning – 11 May





Whole School History Project – My Home is my Museum.

We would love you to take part in our exciting whole school History project. It will be fun and everything you need is in your own home! Don’t forget to e-mail us with your finished History project – we cannot wait to see them!

Whole school History project


Home learning – 4 May

Home learning – 27 April

Home learning – 20 April

Easter activities Wk 2 13th April

Easter holidays 6th April wk1

PE Home Learning Letter

Year One PE


Letter to Children, Parents and Carers 30th March

Home learning – 30th March


We have access to Yumu to help continue our musical journey. To access Yumu at home you need to login using your username and password.

Your child’s username is their first name and first letter of their surname followed by your class group (i.e. y1). Your password is music123. Once you have logged on you should change your password to your own private one. For example if your name is Fred Barker, your username would be fredby1. If you have any difficulties logging in please email


End of Y1 Expectations