Year Four

TT Rock Stars Competition

We are having a school tournament to see which class is the best at times tables. We beat year 3, so now we will be competing against year 5, so try your best!



It is really important that children are still reading every day at home. Library’s are open for click and collect so children still have the chance to read a wide range of texts.

You can call and ask for advice on which book to choose. All you need is your library card, which all children should have.

Follow the link below for more information.,to%20select%20books%20for%20you.


Remote Learning

Well done to all of the Year 4 children. You are working so hard working at home, and it is lovely to see lots of wonderful work. We will upload some of the best bits of work we receive here as much as we can.


Also, all of the staff would like to thank parents and families at home for supporting their children at home. It is really important that children logon to teams every day, to access the learning they need, so it is brilliant to have eager children and supportive families in this time.

Here is the time table for this term:

Year 4 Live Lessons Timetable


What we are doing this term.

The children have been working really hard at home, learning lots of new things. We are coping very well with the difficult circumstances at home, and we are looking forward to learning lots more!



In English, we have been reading The Butterfly Lion . It is a really nice text that we have enjoyed reading so far. We can’t wait to read what happens next.

We have also been reading some texts based around the Rainforest, with the children writing persuasive pieces about this. We have looked at the The Great Kapok Tree, and The Shamans Apprentice, and the children have enjoyed reading and writing about them.

Please carry on reading with your children every night. Everything you are doing at home with the children is much appreciated, and is helping the children progress even more!



This term we have been learning about multiplication and division. We will be moving on to area and fractions later in the term.

Please practice you times tables as much as you can. Follow the link bellow to practice on Times Tables Rock Stars.


The children enjoyed learning about Electricity and Circuits. This half term we have moved on to Sound. Towards the end of the term we will be doing a lot of practical activities about Sound, which I am sure the children are looking forward to.


The children have been really looking forward to our first geography topic: Climate Zones. So far we have looked at the climate it different areas of the work, including the arctic, the UK, and the Amazon. We are moving on to looking at how climate change has affected these areas, and how it might affect these areas in the future.


Home Learning

Useful websites.


We have access to Yumu to help continue our musical journey. To access Yumu at home you need to login using your username and password.

Your child’s username is their first name and first letter of their surname followed by your old class group (i.e. y3). Your password is music123. Once you have logged on you should change your password to your own private one. For example if your name is Fred Barker, your username would be fredby3. If you have any difficulties logging in please email

End of Y4 Expectations