Year Five






Welcome to the Year 5 class page.  We will share information about things we have done and are doing on this page as well as photographs of us in action. Make sure you check back regularly to see what we have been up to.


Our Creative Curriculum

Autumn Term  –  Ancient Greece

Spring Term  –  The Americas

Summer Term  –  Coasts

Just a reminder children should be reading every day and their diaries signed and returned to school. The class with the highest percentage is rewarded each week. children are also rewarded at the end of each term.


Year 5 had lots of fun during science week learning about different states of matter and dry ice.


We also made a few Bangs!!!!Dry ice explosion


Year 5 have been learning about free verse poetry and writing their own. We then performed them to the class.

Free verse poetry – Furqan                               Free verse poetry – Nevin


Jan 31st, 1st Feb, 2nd Feb  – Year 5 will be visiting Middleport Pottery in small groups of 10. Letters to follow soon

As part of our space and forces topic in science the children will be visiting the Space Centre in Leicester. More details to follow soon.


This week, in art, we have been busy decorating our Greek pots. We studied the different patterns used by the Ancient Greeks before deciding how to decorate our own.



On Wednesday November 15th we visited the Potteries Museum to learn more about ancient Greek pottery.

We were lucky enough to see pottery that was over 2500 years old, wow! We also got the opportunity to make our own ancient Greek pottery. What a busy day.


We have all had a fabulous start to year 5 and are working really hard.


Remember it is really important to hear your child read every day and provide a nice, quiet environment for them to do their homework and practice spellings.