Year Five

Welcome to the Year 5 class page

We are so excited to see you in September!

We are going to learn so many amazing things in Year 5 and have so much fun together. We hope you are as excited as we are to get started!

Here’s some other things the children in Year 5 have said about being in school:


Look at some of the fabulous artwork we have been doing:

Look out for a postcard arriving to your house and you will get to have your very own copy of this funny photo of your new teachers!!

Have a lovely Summer holiday and we will see you on the first day of school – we can’t wait to see you!


Please read this week’s parent letter by clicking on this link, it has important information in regarding this year’s awards Parent Pupil Letter

In class we will be following the same learning as you are at home. We are using the BBC Bitesize, Oak Academy lessons and White Rose Maths as I have set for you on the Home Learning Grid. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing!

Home Learning 13th – 17th July

To apply for Head Boy/Girl please see information on Home Learning Grid & use these forms:

Head Pupil Application

Head Pupils


The staff at St Margaret Ward have recorded a variety of lessons for Year 5 students to take part in. They would love you to have a go and then to email the St Peter’s homework email address with the work you have done to show them. Click on the links below to download the lessons.






Week beginning 6th July – 11th July

Dear children and parents,

We would love it if you could take part in this year’s Spirited Arts competition! Hundreds of schools from around the world will be taking part but we know we are the best!

Please open this word document to find out more about the competition and its themes. ->6th July Spirited Art competition

I look forward to seeing your great art work!

Miss Frodsham


Home Learning 6th – 10th July

Lesson 1 – Regular and irregular polygons

Lesson 2 – Reasoning about 3D shapes

Lesson 3 – Reflection

Lesson 4 – Translation

Spirited Arts and Poetry 2020 PPT



Home Learning 29th June – 3rd July

Good Shepherd Mass 2020 hymns

RE Worksheet

Lesson 1 – Measuring with a protractor (2)

Lesson 2 – Drawing lines and angles accurately

Lesson 3 – Calculating angles on a straight line

Lesson 4 – Calculating angles around a point


Home Learning 22nd – 26th June

Lesson 1 – Subtracting decimals with the same number of decimal places

Lesson 2 – Subtracting decimals with a different number of decimal places

Lesson 3 – Multiplying decimals by 10 100 and 1000

Lesson 4 – Dividing decimals by 10 100 and 1000

Please also complete this careers questionnaire this week, so we can find out a bit more about what you would like to do in the future. Once you have completed it please send it back to  We really need to get as many of them back as possible. It will only take a few minutes to complete. Thank you.

Careers questionnaire




St Peter’s Virtual Sports Day 2020 (12th – 19th June)

We have something really exciting for you all to take part in! St Peter’s first Virtual Sports Day! Mr Sigley has created a video which will explain what you need to do and below there is a letter which will explain how you achieve points for your house team! We really hope you all take part! Have fun! We look forward to seeing all your photos and videos.

Sports Day video

St Peter’s Virtual Sports Day 2020




Tutortastic have released a brilliant free resource all about Australia. It is aimed at KS2 children and we are putting it onto our class pages as we think you might really enjoy it. Pack your bags and get ready to fly…

KS2 Australia Homeschool

Your Weekly Home Learning Grid

Home Learning 15th – 19th June

Teams Setup for Children

Lesson 1 – Understand percentages 2019

Lesson 2 – Percentages as fractions and decimals 2019

Lesson 3 – Adding decimals with the same number of decimal places 2020

Lesson 4 – Adding decimals with a differen number of decimal places 2020

Example of a persuasive letter

Persuasive Letter Writing Plan

The Holy Trinity


Home Learning 8th – 12th June

Prayers to the Holy Spirit

Science worksheet



Home Learning 1st – 5th June

Maths Video links

Lesson 1 – Multiply unit and non-unit fractions by integers

Lesson 2 – Multiply mixed numbers by integers 2019

Lesson 3 – Fractions of an amount 2019

Lesson 4 – Fractions as operators 2019




Home Learning 18th – 22nd May

Geography Questions

Guiness World Records rockstars attempt

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme this year is kindness. Below is a powerpoint to remind you what Mental Health is and why looking after our Mental Health and the Mental Health of others is so important. There are also some activities that you can do at home to help spread more kindness.

Don’t forget to send in photographs or tweet all the lovely activities you are doing at home!

Talking-Mental-Health powerpoint for parents and children





Some of the Harry Potter books are being read by actors from the film. Click on the link to hear them.


Home Learning 11th May – 15th May

Wednesday 13th May Maths Questions

Thursday 14th May Maths Questions

Whole School Maths KS2

My Sigley has set you a PE challenge for this week – have a look at the files below:

Newman P.E Point Challenge

Train like…


This week we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE day. We would love you all to dress in red, white and blue on Friday to celebrate. Please send us photos of you dressed up and we will add them to a school collage.  We can’t wait to see your photos!

Home Learning 4th May – 8th May

Monday 4th May English Lesson

Memorial Acclamations

Relative clause worksheet

Union Jack Template



Home Learning 27th April – 1st May

Writing Assessment – Monday


English Lessons 28th April – 1st May

Shells Photo Pack


Home Learning 20th April – 24th April

Features of a Newspaper Report


Amazing Minecraft Construction Competition

Minecraft are running a fantastic competition where you can win some great prizes for designing a structure in a Minecraft World. It would be really fun for you to get involved with. Look at the information sheet below then register on their website. You could always email the school email address to show us some of your designs. Have fun!

Minecraft Competition


Whole School History Project – My Home is My Museum.

We would love you to take part in our exciting whole school History project. It will be fun and everything you need is in your own home! Don’t forget to e-mail us with your finished History project – we cannot wait to see them!

Whole school History project

Easter Home Learning Activities Week 2

Easter Home Learning Activities

Time Capsule

PE Home Learning Letter

Year Five PE Home Learning


Letter to Children, Parents and Carers 30th March

Home Learning 30th March – 3rd April


We have access to Yumu to help continue our musical journey. To access Yumu at home you need to login using your username and password.

Your child’s username is their first name and first letter of their surname followed by your class group (i.e. y5). Your password is music123. Once you have logged on you should change your password to your own private one. For example if your name is Fred Barker, your username would be fredby5. If you have any difficulties logging in please email

End of Y5 Expectations