St Peter’s Music Update with Mr B

Hello all! I hope everyone is safe and well! I have two exciting updates for you all regarding your home musical learning coming into the final Summer Term 2.

Firstly, the good people of Young Voices have invited us to take part in the World’s Largest Children’s Choir at Home event. In the hope of making it into the Guinness World Record Book for the effort, they are planning a #PowerInMe Singing Challenge dedicated to all the teachers in the United Kingdom, and the World!

Tomorrow the 2nd of June at 2:30, we are invited along with families and children from across the world to pay tribute to all the teachers by joining together to sing “The Power in Me”. It’s a great uplifting song, and some St Peter’s children may already know it from a previous Young Voices programme of a few years ago.

Register your involvement at to access free learning resources for the song. Before the big event you can also get involved in the #PowerInMe singing challenge by filming yourselves singing the song’s lyrics “I’ve got the Power in Me”, and post it online with the hashtag to see who responds completing the song’s chorus “You’ve got the Power in You”. You can see the challenge explained by Young Voices conductors David Lawrence and Francisco Nunez at

Free online rehearsals can also be viewed at home, or in class for our current children in school through the YV at Home Youtube playlist:

Secondly, I also wanted to let you all know that new sets of learning modules have been uploaded onto the Charanga YUMU website. Using the existing logins your class teachers sent you, you can access the “Encore” modules and have a go consolidating all the musical learning you have done this year at home! Don’t forget, I can see who has been accessing it, what activities you have attempted and completed, and for how long you have spent navigating the site. So far I have been very impressed with the effort you have all given. As an added incentive to keep going, there will be a special prize for one student in each year group who has put in the most time and effort completing the activities by the end of the year.

So get involved with YV at Home, keep working hard on Charanga YUMU, but most importantly stay safe, stay well, and stay musical!