St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

Our school plays an active part in the life of the parish of St Joseph’s.  Pupils and Staff celebrate mass in the school hall and at St Joseph’s Church at various times during the academic year in which the parish and parents attend.

Our parish priest Fr Fabian is seen regularly within the school and plays a very active part in the catholic life of the school.

St Joseph’s Church, Hall Street, Burslem

Sunday Masses 11:30am
Vigil Masses for Sunday Mass for Sunday on Saturday evening NO MASS (See Summer timetable)
Holyday Masses As announced
Weekday Masses Tuesday 9.30am (in school during term time)
Confession Saturday- See Parish Bulletin
Benediction Eucharistic Adoration- See Parish Bulletin
Sacred Heart
Sunday Masses 9.30am
Confession  Sunday 9.00am – 9.20am
Benediction Eucharistic Adoration- See Parish Bulletin