Sporting Events

At St Peter’s we love sports and we promote an active and healthy lifestyle. We are inspired by our British Olympians, athletes and footballers to work hard and strive to be the best that we can be.

  On this page you will find dates for our upcoming PE events and tournaments as well as photos of the children participating in PE and sporting events.

Upcoming Events and Tournaments 2019 – 2020

18th October 2019 – Inter-house Tournament (The Terrible Treasure Trial) KS1 & KS2

Inter-house Tournaments

This year our inter-house competitions are going to be fitness based. At the end of each term each House will compete against each other in a themed fitness game.

Autumn Term

At the end of the Autumn Term each House (from Years 1-6) will be compete against each other in the Terrible Treasure Trial. The House that picks up the most treasure will win! To practise for the trial our sports leaders will have fitness stations running at lunch-times for you to practise your jumping jacks, planks and space rockets.

Powered Up Club 2019

Our Powered Up Club is a fitness circuit which changes each week to help us become fitter & stronger. Powered up will be back in the Autumn Term! Miss Hilton is looking forward to meeting her new crew!