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Quick reminders 

Please ensure your child comes into school every Monday in their PE kit.

If you haven’t already please create and bring into school your child’s all about me box

Don’t forget to visit the virtual book fair using the link that was sent out on your letter. The books are amazing and such low prices please don’t miss out!

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Wow what a week of learning it was pumpkin filled….

The children have enjoyed making their pumpkin soup and it tasted delicious! They have also enjoyed exploring pumpkins, recreating pumpkins with plasticine and creating pictures with our autumn objects. 

Please keep scrolling below these photographs for this weeks learning

Week beginning 18.10.21

Below is a link to the video which you can share and discuss with the children

This week we will be using this story to continue to study autumn and look more closely at woodland animals. We will be learning which materials we could use to create the best and darkest nest for our owls. We will be supporting the children to discuss the main events of a story and to also use repeated refrains and language.

Click below for this short video all about owls


This week we are looking more closely at the composition of number 4. We are teaching the children that the number four is made up of other numbers. We are exploring what the 2 parts make the whole number 4 are.

Below is a video where the children can see and sing the number pairs that make 4


This week we are learning a new tricky word:


We will continue to learn another digraph- 


The children will be learning to see and hear this sound mostly at the end of words such as huff, cuff, puff.

Below is the alphblock video for the digraphs we have been learning and will learn.

Please continue to use this game below to support your child in hearing the different sounds in words

We are concentrating on teaching the correct letter formation from the start with the children. This is essential in supporting the children where to start writign their letter do they can form it and represent it correctly. I have created a short video for parents and children to use when practising writing individual letters. 

Week beginning 10.10.21

This week we are using the story “Pumpkin Soup” as an exciting stimulus to help us understand all about pumpkins. We will be exploring lots of different pumpkins in our play this week which your donations have helped to cover.

We will be learning how and where pumpkins grow and exploring inside of them, we will then be making our own delicious pumpkin soup to eat!!

There are lots of opportunities  to visit farm yards at the moment and go pumpkin picking with the family this autumn it is one of Mrs Hackney’s favourite things to do! Why not give it a go…. 

Below os a very short video to discuss with your children about how pumpkins grow. You could use seeds from a pumpkin you have used to grow your own like we did here in school.


We continue to work on counting and number ordering this week. The children need to know the order of the number system before as this will support their understanding when comparing quantity. The children love to use bud’s number garden to help

We are also looking to use and understand the words “heavy and light” when comparing objects below is a video which can support learning. You can also encourage your child to find objects around the house and sort which are heavy and which are light


Tricky words 

The tricky words we are learning to read and write are

I to no go the and into

Sound of the week

We are looking at another digraph this week


Below is a video to support the children’s understanding of this sound and blending words containing this new sound


Week Beginning 4.10.21


This week we will be focusing on the changes in the weather and exploring the season of Autumn. We will begin the week by taking the children on a walk to collect lots of autumn objects. We are focusing on building the children’s vocabulary and by giving them a first hand exciting experience we are hoping this will have a lasting impact on their progress. We will be immersing the children in lots of exciting autumn activities and our story focus will be Leaf Man

These are just a few of our exciting Autumn activities we have been getting up to this week…. Keep Scrolling for pictures from our Autumn walk and information on how you can help your child this week. 


We have been working on number ordering with the children as the majority of the children have struggled to place numbers in order from 1-5 or 1-10. Below is an interactive game to support your children with this

We are also closely looking at pattern this week. We will be looking at repeating patterns in colour, shape but also autumnal objects. The children will be completing and recreating their own patterns as well as using this language.


This week the children will be learning a new sound


this is what we call a digraph, which simply means 2 letters but it only makes one sound. This sound usually comes at the end of the word.

Below are some activities that will support your child with this new learning but also hearing the final sound in a word.


Week beginning 27.9.21

This week we are using this twisted tale to support the children’s understanding of oral health and hygiene. This will be complimented by a visit from a dental nurse and a range of hands on activities. Below is a link with some useful information


This week we are working on comparing quantities. We will be supporting the children to understand and use the language more, most, less, least, fewest. Below is a game which will help your child to practise this vocabulary.

Below is a link for the number blocks which will support your child with numbers 1-5


This week the children are recapping over sounds:


Please ensure your children can recognise these sounds and also practise writing them correctly. This week the children are continuing to listen for all of the words in a word and use this to support blending to read simple words. Below is a link to the game where you can choose which sound to work on. the children find the middle sound the most challenging so why not practise this sound first.

Week beginning 20.9.21

Story of the week

This week we are looking at the first of our twisted fairy tale stories. This story will encourage the children to recall and draw comparisons to the fairy tale “The Three little pigs”

We will be using this tale to highlight to children how we can help to stop germs spreading and to keep ourselves healthy. This will teach the children how to manage their personal hygiene more independently. This is an extremely important skill to teach the children about basic levels of hygiene not just in light of the pandemic but for every day life.

Below is a useful power point to talk through with your child to get them to understand why it is important to look after ourselves and how we can do this. 

Personal hygiene


We have been recapping our work on rhyme and will continue with this throughout the half term. Please click below to play match the rhyme game with your children at home

t-l-527505-phase-2-rhyming-words-powerpoint-english_ver_4 (1)

Below is also a game you can use to develop your child’s listening skills and us

Below is a game to support sou


Below is a link to lots of interactive games to support counting and number recognition

Don’t forget to use your ten town login to complete all of the activities for numbers 1-5  


Week beginning 13.9.21

Story of the Week

We are learning all about ourselves and our bodies. We are learning the different body parts and facial features we have. This week we look deeper underneath at our skeletons! We are going to learn that we are made of bones and learn some of their names.

Join in with the skeleton song at home

Wow Words

Our new wow words we want the children to understand and use this week are……

Words of the week body parts

We are recapping our phase 2 sounds in our phonics this week starting with

s,a,t and p. 

Below is a link where you can work on recognising the sound and also hear it at the beginning of different words. You can also practise forming this letter correctly at home



This week in Maths we are focusing on our counting and sorting skills. The children will be recapping over these previously taught skills to see if they can sort in a variety of ways but also develop their reasoning skills and explain why.

Here is a song at home to practise counting to 10

Below is also a link to an interactive sorting game you can play with your children at home to develop these skills



The children have had a busy few days exploring their new classroom and activities. They have particularly enjoyed the doctors role play.

Thank you 

100 things to do before you are six



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