Parental Visits

DUE TO COVID-19 we will not having parental visits in school at this time.


Parents who are considering sending their child to the school may contact the school office who will explain the admission arrangements and make an appointment to visit.

Parents and children will be invited to meet the class teacher and given the opportunity to look around the school.

Each term there is an evening set aside for parents to discuss their child’s progress. These take the form of two Progress and Targets Evenings (Autumn and Spring) and a Progress/ Target Evening where parents have the opportunity to view their child’s work, (Summer.)

The first Progress Evening is usually held in October/November and is organised by appointment. This is to enable teachers to speak to parents about issues arising from the children settling back into school and new classes.

A further Progress and Target Evening is held in February/March and again organised by appointment. At this evening parents targets are reviewed and new targets set.

A further Progress Evening is held towards the end of the academic year in July. The consultations during this particular evening are normally based on the child’s annual report.
Children in Year 2 and Year 6 will receive the results of their Standards Attainment Tests (SATs) at the end of the Summer Term.

Parents of children with special educational needs will be invited to discuss their child’s progress with the class teacher and school SENCo (where required) on a more frequent basis.

Staff are available to discuss concerns at any other time, preferably after school, when the school day has finished.

Please understand that it is difficult for staff to hold unplanned consultations before the start of the day as pupil safety is an important focus for staff at this time.

Mrs Snee will be available to deal with important concerns of parents at this time of day or by appointment.