Welcome to the Nursery class page!!!!

This page will keep you up to date  on what your child will be learning in class over the year. Below you will find curriculum information and photographs of what the children have been doing. Keep scrolling!!!


Spring 1

Welcome back everyone and a Happy new year!!

We start the half term with a focus on the world around us. We are looking closely at the season of Winter using lots of different winter stories and exciting activities.

This week the children in numeracy are focusing on counting 1:1 up to 5 and then moving towards ten winter animals or objects. They are then finding the correct numeral for their quantity. The children are also beginning to learn how to order these numbers and make a number line:


The children are enjoying creating lots of patterns in the snow with their fingers practising using both fine and gross motor movements:

The children are practising their cutting skills using scissors to cut along varied lines to reach the winter object

The children are also enjoying their new role play area. This half term we will be pretending to be doctors. The children will learn all about how to keep fit and healthy. They will also learn how to take care of each other when we are feeling unwell….

We are talking about germs and how to stop them spreading during the winter time:



We have also started to teach the children Phase 2 phonics. The children are learning the sounds that letters make so they can blend and segment them to read and write words. The sound of the week is: t

Please help the children to recognise this sound and practise writing it as often as you can. You can also see how many words your child can think of that begin with this letter such as t for tree, t for table.

Tricky words:

The children have also begun learning their phase 2 high frequency words. The Tricky word of the week the children are learning to read and write is:


Take a look at what we got up to Autumn 2

Below are photographs of the children enjoying their fantastic Christmas trip to Drayton Manor Park:


We are are looking closely at “The Gruffalo” story. We have been learning to use repetitive story language to describe the “Gruffalo”. The children have really enjoyed adding different media to their brown playdoh to make their “Gruffalo”



Following on from our Autumn walk below the children have been taking part in lots of different creative, mathematical and writing activities to apply their new learning. 

The children have been leaf printing, counting autumn objects and finding the correct numeral, drawing autumn pictures and exploring the autumn objects we found on our walk:


We collected lots of wonderful things such as different coloured leaves, conkers, berries and we will use them creatively in class to help us learn new vocabulary and the world around them. Take a look at our pictures:



Look at what we got up to in Autumn 1


The children have been learning about their class saint: “Saint Teresa”. They have been involved in lots of activities to help them learn about her life and he mission to help others. The children have enjoyed painting portraits, completing jigsaws and we have even visited the Chapel to give thanks to God for the wonderful person she was.

The children enjoyed their dress up day and celebrated her life with a party: