Welcome to the Nursery class page!!!!

This page will keep you up to date  on what your child will be learning in class over the year. Below you will find curriculum information and photographs of what the children have been doing. Keep scrolling!!!

Look what we are getting up to in Autumn 2…

We are learning about Autumn.

The children have begun to look more closely at Autumn this week. We are very excited to go on our Autumn walk on Wednesday 14th November. Here are some photographs from our visit:

Our story of the week:

The children are learning about hedgehogs and squirrels and what they are doing during autumn. The children have also been creating autumn trees using corks and autumn colours.

This week’s number focus is “Tommy 2” look out for sheets that will be sent home this week. The children are also learning how to count and recite numbers. We are using autumn objects such as conkers and pine cones and matching the quantity to the number.




 The children will be learning how this celebration is similar or different to those they will celebrate with their families.

The children will be learning about the Diwali story and take part in lots of different activities such as making fireworks with paint, diva lamps with clay and rangoli colour pattern in maths.




Look what we got up to in Autumn 1…..

Art Week in Nursery:

This week we have been looking at “Tinga Tinga” art. The children have been learning about the bright, shiny style and how the artists use patterns especially spots when painting the animals.






We have also been exploring bubble painting and marble roll painting:




Our story and focus this week is “The Loudest Roar”


We are looking at African Jungle animals. Through lots of different stories and activities we will be helping the children learn the names of these animal, where they live, what they look like and what noises they make.

The children have enjoyed looking through the book and talking about the story with their puppets:

The children have enjoyed playing with the small world, making a jungle for the animals to live in. We have been learning the names of these animals and whether they live in water or on dry land.


The children have been learning how to hold a pencil correctly and join the dots to create lots of different patterns for the jungle animals. The children are making very good progress with their pencil grip.


Ten Town

The children have started their number scheme “Ten Town” this is how we will be teaching your children to count, recognise and write numbers. This week we are looking at the character “King One”

Look out for the support sheets that will be sent home when we learn a new number. The children have been pretending to be King One today and counting out items for his breakfast. He only likes things in sets of one. The children have also been learning  how to write his number.





Look at the work we did when learning about “Elmer”

Using this story we are helping the children with their colour recognition. We are also helping the children to notice and talk about different patterns that they see in simple pictures ands the world around us.

We have been looking at Elmer’s Patchwork pattern today. We have been looking closely at the square shape and using this shape with bright colours to recreate Elmer. Take a look:


We have also been looking closely at different patterns today on elephants. The children  have been trying to match colour, stripey, spotty, zig zag and heart shape patterns. Take a look:


Nursery Rhyme of the Week

This week we will continue with learning about animals so the song we are singing is the “Animal boogie”

Search for this on You tube and enjoy with your children.



Music in the Nursery

Every Tuesday morning the children have music lessons with Mr B. We get up to lots of fun singing and dancing as well as tuning in to different sounds, beats and rhythms through lots of fun music. Take a look at us in action:


“Wow Said the Owl”

This story will help to support the children with their colour recognition. We will be using this story as a focus for lots of colour based activities that will help the children to choose colour for a purpose.

Look we have been creating a night time world for the owl:


This week in our maths we have been focussing on shapes. We have been learning basic shape names and learning how to make arrangements with different shapes.

Our main shape focus this week has been a circle and we have been learning our circle shape song in class. Look at what the children have been making today:


We like to follow the children’s interest in the nursery as a focus point for their learning. We have decided to look for closely at dinosaurs. The children have been very interested in learning the different names and features that each dinosaur has.




The children have also being making hand print dinosaurs to recreate the spikey plates of a stegosaurus.