Modeshift Stars Award

At St. Peter’s we are always striving to improve standards, the health and safety and well-being of children and working in partnership with parents.

We are pleased to inform you that at St. Peter’s we are actively involved in achieving the Modeshift Stars Bronze award. This award covers a variety of areas such as improving the journey to school, road safety and awareness for all children, bicycle courses and lots more. It is a great opportunity for the school to support the children in developing essential life skills.

More information on Modeshift Stars can be found here.



Bicycle & scooter security marking on Friday 15th November (pm). Children are able to bring their bikes and scooters into school on this day and have them security marked by our local PCSO. If bikes/scooters are lost/stolen this mark will help the police to identify the owner much quicker.

Road Safety Week- week beginning 18th November. There will be a variety of road safety activities in all classes throughout the week.


St. Peter’s Travel Plan

Our travel plan is available below. This details information about the school and surrounding area, transport methods used, transport targets and initiatives both completed and planned.

This travel plan is regularly updated to reflect updates in initiatives planned or completed at school.


The Highway Code

For further information on safe travel and the rules and regulations of the highway, please visit the website below to view the Highway Code.

Highway Code