Eco Council



                We are the Eco-Warriors



What is an Eco friendly School

Ecoschools is an international award programme that guides schools through a process to help them address a variety of environmental issues, ranging from litter and waste to healthy living and biodiversity

Eco Committee

The EcoCommittee is responsible for preparing an Action Plan for the whole school to engage in. The children organise regular meetings to discuss environmental action for the school.

What we have done so far.

  • collected crisp packets to recycle
  • recycled tyres from the local garage to make an obstacle course and use as planters for wild flowers
  • recycling bins in staffroom, classrooms and hall.
  • recycled plastic cups in dining hall. 5 days a week x 30 children in each class x 8 classes x 34 weeks in school = 40,800 plastic cups per school year!!!

We have achieved Bronze award!







To achieve this our committee had to

  • Complete the Eco-Schools Environmental Review.
  • Display this review on our Eco-Board.
  • Produce an Action Plan.
  • Share the action plan with the whole school and display on our Ec0-Board.

                                We are now going for Silver!


Silver Award Self-Assessment


  • Environmental Issues have been covered in at least three areas of the curriculum. These do not have to be from the same topic areas as those on your Action Plan.
  • The work is evident in either your schemes of work, pupil work, lessons plans, resources or on displays around your school.
  • Three topics for first Green Flag five for Green Flag renewals
  • Your school has a prominent and designated Eco-Board detailing all Eco-Schools activities.
  • Your Eco-Board includes the following:
  • Names and if appropriate, photos of your Eco-Committee members
  • Minutes from your Eco-Committee meetings
  •  A copy of your Environmental Review
  •  A copy of your Action Plan
  • Eco-Schools Bronze Award certificate
  • Opportunity for others to post suggestions.
  • Your Eco-Board is regularly updated.
  • Your Eco-Committee uses a variety of mediums to help communicate their actions (newsletters, school website, the school’s social media accounts etc.).
  • The wider community is involved in activities going on in and around the school (parents, carers, local businesses, environmental organisations, local churches and residential groups).

                               Do you think we can do it?

We have been keeping in touch via Twitter over the  lockdown period         








                    Mental Health Awareness Week –                                         Connecting with nature




      World Earth Day – April 22nd

          Our planet is in peril, we  need to keep and eye on our earth

The children in school learned that there is one planet earth, there is no plan B.







          The Great Science Share 15th June 2021









come soon…