Year Five






Welcome to the Autumn term 2018!

I hope you all had a great summer holiday!

I have attached information about year five which you and your child will find useful. Please take a look!  We will also share information about things we have done and are doing on this page as well as photographs of us in action. Make sure you check back regularly to see what we have been up to.


Our Creative Curriculum

Autumn Term  –  Ancient Greece

Spring Term  –  Amazing Americas

Summer Term  –  Creeping Coasts


Children should be reading every day and their diaries signed and returned to school. The class with the highest percentage of readers is rewarded each week.


Homework will be given out on Wednesday to be brought back in on Monday to consolidate and supplement work undertaken in class. Your child has a homework book to complete their work in. New spellings will be given out every Thursday and the children will be tested the following Thursday. It is also important that your child learns their times tables up to 12 x 12 by heart – they will have a times tables speed test every Thursday to measure their progress.


P.E. lessons will take place on Monday and Tuesday.

Trip Dates:

We will be going to Hanley Museum on Tuesday 13th November to learn all about the lives of the Ancient Greeks. We will also have the opportunity to make our own Greek pots!


As you can see the children have all had a fabulous start to year 5 and are already working really hard. Well done!



Year 5 had a lovely morning making Poppies for our 100th Year Anniversary display.





Today we had the great pleasure of meeting the amazing artist Peter Swidairk. Children were introduced to a travelling gallery of

‘The Great Artists’ followed by a treasure hunt related to the art work. Year 5 children also had the opportunity to create their own Art

Work using the skills taught.






The RAF were celebrating 100 years since its creation and were holding a number of celebrations across the country to mark this great event. 

Year 5 has been invited to the pop up Science Park at Staffordshire University to take a part in this interesting event. Children saw and played with the STEM and STEAM equipment that was being supplied by a number of partners including RAF, BAE, Severn Trent, The Big Bang and many more. We absolutely loved it!



 Year 5 are using the feathers of “Impressionism” they have learned about to replicate Monet’s famous ‘Water Lily’ painting.



We choose RESPECT because we love our differences and know they are what make us special and unique.

Year 5 visited the Potteries Art Gallery and Museum.  We had a lovely time learning about the Ancient Greeks and looking at pots that are over 2000 years old! During this visit the children had a chance to make their own Greek pots.

Year 4 and 5 have enjoyed a visit to Middleport Pottery organised by Keele University. They were given a tour of the factory and also took part in a number of fun science and maths based activities.

They also enjoyed designing plates and took part in dance sessions.

The National Space Centre is a museum and educational resource covering the fields of space science and astronomy, along with a space research programme in partnership with the University of Leicester. 

Year Five’s trip to the Space Centre was ‘out of this world!’

Year 5 children went to Camoys Court to visit the residents and to have their lunch with them.  The children and residents had a really great time! We will definitely go there again!