Year Five

 The Curriculum

This year our creative curriculum will be based around the following themes:

Autumn     –     Influences of Ancient Greece

Spring       –     Discovering The Americas

Summer    –     Investigating Coasts

In this topic the children will be historians: they will find out when and what life was like in Ancient Greece and make comparisons with modern day Greece and the United Kingdom. Through Geographical enquiry they will learn where in the world Greece is and what the physical features are like.

We will:

  • Explore the climates of both Greece and the UK, saying why certain climates enable different cultural and economic advancements

On the 1st December, we will be visiting The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery  to experience Greek artifacts and to try our hand at  designing and making Greek vases.

Our aim in Year 5 is to create a happy, co-operative class where children have the confidence to ask questions, make mistakes and become independent learners.


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