St Peter’s Catholic Academy pupils to run their new school library

Former teacher Rachael, aged 57, is the author of Warrior Troll and other children’s books.

She described the library as ‘absolutely beautiful’, and added: “It’s a great opportunity for children to embrace the world of books and to encourage them to read. School libraries are essential, particularly when public libraries are being squeezed and closed.”

School principal Rossanna Snee said the school had always had a library, but that it was in need of a makeover.

She said: “We want to instil in the children a real thirst for reading. We want to give them the opportunity to have quality books and to enjoy going into the library.

“It’s the same room, but we’ve painted it and given it new carpet and bookcases because the previous ones were too tall. The new library is more accessible.”

The children have given their input by choosing the settees, rug and cushions.

Mrs Snee said: “We’ve done some fund-raising, but the work has mainly been done through the budget. The children are thrilled and they’re looking after it. Our librarians in Year 6 are responsible for keeping it tidy.”

Dawn Lee, the school’s English lead, said: “The new curriculum that came out in 2014 places emphasis on reading and reading for pleasure, so we wanted to give the children books they love. We asked the children which titles they enjoy and bought the books for them. The new library is absolutely fantastic.”