Welcome to the Nursery class page!!!!

This page will keep you up to date  on what your child will be doing in class over the year. Below you will find curriculum information and photographs so please keep scrolling down for more information.

We are really proud of the children and they have done so well settling into school. They are responding well to routines and enjoying accessing all the different activities inside and outside.


We will focus firstly on making sure your children are happy in school. We are working closely on building relationships with the children and getting to know their interests.

We will slowly introduce new routines for the children and theme different activities initially around nursery rhymes. The children have loved learning about insey winsey spider this week.

Each week the children will bring home a new nursery rhyme to learn and we will work on different activities to support your child’s learning in all the areas of the curriculum. We will focus on promoting their physical skills both gross and fine motor as well as creative skills. We are particularly using stories to develop the children’s language and vocabulary.


Here is what the children have been getting up to in their first week: