Welcome to the Nursery class page!!!!

This page will keep you up to date  on what your child will be doing in class over the year. Below you will find curriculum information and photographs so please keep scrolling down to the bottom of the page for more information.

Spring 1

The children have had a creative week this week enjoying a range of activities for Art week. We also finished the week of celebrating Chinese New Year! Look at what we got up to!

What a busy week!!!

The children really enjoyed going shopping to buy healthy snacks to make back at school. Thank you for your donations, take a look at what the children enjoyed eating and making:

Following on from learning all about doctors, hospitals and how they care for us, we have also been talking about ways to keep healthy. We have been looking at healthy and unhealthy foods and talked about ways to keep active and fit. 

We went to Freshways this week to look for healthy foods and snacks that we could make back at school. Here are some of the photographs:


The children have had so much fun following the visit from the library van into school. They enjoyed singing, puppets as well as a fantastic story read by Anna the librarian. Here are some of the photographs:


The children will be expecting a visit from our local community police officers this Thursday who will bring in special equipment, uniforms and the police car to support the children’s understanding of their role. Here are some of the photos:



We are currently working on phase 2 phonics. We are teaching children the sounds of the alphabet and currently listening and saying the initial sound in a word. We have covered the sounds s, a, t and p  and looked at different words that begin with these sounds. Over this half term we will be covering these sounds:

i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, l,      Please support your child in recognising and writing these sounds.  The sound of the week is sent home in homework books every Wednesday. In addition the children will also be learning “tricky words” these are words that need to be learnt by sight and memory and can not be sounded out. These words will also be sent home alongside the children’s reading books to be practised.


 Keep scrolling down for photographs of your children to see what we get up to in Nursery:

Church visit:

The children have learnt so much on our visit to Church today. They really enjoyed looking around at all of the special pictures, statues and especially the Font to help with our learning of Baptism. Take a look at some of the photos:
















“Popcorn Day!!!!”



The family story box session was a great success. The children enjoyed sharing stories with their parents and creating a creative and colourful story box to go with their favourite story. Have a look at the pictures below:

The children have really enjoyed their visit to Hanley library. Emma the librarian read the children some fantastic stories. The children then had a look around the library, chose books and read them. All the children will be coming home with a library card so please use this opportunity to visit the library with your children and borrow books to read together. The library has fantastic events every weekend and in the holidays and they are free!!!!!!

Take a look at our pictures below: